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Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria – Review!

In Nigeria today, many different types of online shopping sites have emerged. Gone are the days of Nigerians struggle to buy items online from Amazon, ebay, Wallmart, etc.  Online shopping stores in Nigeria are now even categorized and they include; Online clothes, dress and shoes shopping sites, Fashion online shopping sites, baby things online stores, online grocery shopping sites, online electronics stores, online phones and accessories shopping sites, online pharmaceutical stores, game shopping mall, online wedding gown and ring stores etc. In spite of this, it still baffles me how costly most online stores place their products.

My major reason of creating this post is to present to you some few notable online shopping sites in Nigeria where you can buy product at an “affordable prices” with wide availability of products to make your best choice.

Cheapest online shopping site in Nigeria is a mirage and the answers you get when you search for cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria can be misleading. This is because most online stores in Nigeria that claim to offer cheap product, deceive buyers.

Again, I want you to know that it may be hard to find an online store in Nigeria that sells all their products at a cheap rate compare to other online stores. A kind of thing you may like get or see will be; an online store A can sell a mobile phone at the price of ₦5000 and shoes at price rate of ₦10000 while online store B will sell the same mobile phone at price of ₦8000 and exactly the same shoes at rate of ₦7000. Which of these two online stores can you now say – sell items at low or affordable price? The best way to get cheap product to buy online is to be specific in your search terms. Example; if you want to buy shoes online at cheap price; simply search for cheap shoes online stores in Nigeria, cheap mobile phones online shopping sites in Nigeria, cheap drug and pharmaceutical online stores in Nigeria (you can even specific here by searching individual drug name), etc. Here below is the list of 5 notable ‘cheap items specific’ online shopping sites in Nigeria

5 cheap online shopping sites in Nigeria

  1. Konga Nigeria

Kong Nigeria is Largest Online Mall and a shopping site for electronics, phones, computers, fashion, groceries, sport fitness, books and more at the best price.

Konga is widely known to offer low price on products compare to their market competitors.  They have a good customer reviews and had been into the business for not less than 6 years now.  I will still advice you compare prices of items on sales with the online stores below.

  1. Jumia Nigeria

Nigeria’s No.1 Online Retailer and a Shop in Nigeria for electronics, groceries, sport fitness, car accessories, phones, books, fashion & more online from top quality brands.

Jumia products on display are of good quality. Jumia recorded few poor customer reviews. Their product are a bit pricy when compare to that of konga product. Example; Microsoft lumia 535 phone (green) which is ₦30, 000 on Jumia is ₦27,300 on Konga. Jumia have extended tentacle across many products with great deals.

  1. Slot Nigeria

Slot Nigeria is already a household name in Nigeria. They deal exclusively on mobile phones, accessories, laptop and many more. They sell varieties of cheap and expensive mobile phones, batteries, inverter, tablets and mobile devices. They have numerous trusted customers offline. Slot Nigeria has recorded a impressive customer reviews and they almost have branch office almost across 36 states in Nigeria.

  1. Kara Nigeria

Kara is a leading online store in Nigeria where you can buy your household appliances, laptops, phones, tablets, generators, power inverters, electrical appliances, automobiles etc. claim to offer quality and affordable products, “we offer online payment and cash on delivery or bank transfer for best prices, cheap and convenient.

  1. Adibba Nigeria

Adibba is an online shopping platform that offers ever growing varieties of product categories for sale to consumers at very competitive prices. They different varieties of items such phones, home appliances, fashions, batteries, inverter etc.

These are few online stores that popularly known and with a good service delivery.

If you have had problem with any of the above listed online shopping site, feel free to tell us here. This will help us in our next reviews and rating of all online stores in Nigeria.

Happy online shopping!

I will update this post as the need arises!

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