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Rules guiding Nigeriaplatform Members

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  1. Ask questions, answer a question or vote the right answer on this community. The most people that should vote are those that the answer(s) provided, helped. Do not vote for answer that has not help you solve your problem.
  2. Each member should operate only a single account. Multiple accounts by one member are prohibited.
  3. When asking a question, make sure your title is short and understandable. Use short phrase question, example; how can I start an online Business in Nigeria? What is the smartest way of dressing?  Please, ask questions that you need answer to and select appropriate category and add tags while posting your questions.
  4. DON’T derail from right answer, if you don’t know the right answer to question that was asked; please, don’t answer.
  5. Don’t abuse, bully, deliberately insult/provoke, fight, or wish to harm Nigeriaplatform members OR THEIR TRIBES.
  6. Don’t THREATEN, advocate, or encourage violent acts against any person, tribe, race, animals, or group.
  7. Discussions of the art of love-making or the sorts should be restricted to private section area.
  8. Don’t say, do, or THREATEN to do anything that’s detrimental to the security, success, or reputation of Nigeriaplatform.
  9. Don’t give false answer or information on Nigeriaplatform.
  10. Don’t use Nigeriaplatform for illegal acts, e.g scamming, copyright infringement, hacking, gay meetings, and incitement.
  11. Don’t violate the privacy of any Nigeriaplatform member e.g. by posting personal details/conversations without permission.
  12. Don’t create a new account when banned for breaking a rule. If you do, make sure we don’t find out.
  13. Never try to INCITE people against moderators and admins. Please obey, respect, and cooperate with them.
  14. Please spell words correctly when you are asking or answering question, and try to use perfect grammar and punctuation.
  15. Please spamming is NOT allowed



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