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How do I buy airtime from Unity bank account?

QuestionsCategory: BanksHow do I buy airtime from Unity bank account?
Promise Jack asked 7 years ago

I need Airtime on my phone right, now. How can I recharge my phone from my Unity bank account? I know it possible to buy airtime from my Unity bank account. What is the code to buy airtime from the account? Please, ASAP.

1 Answers
immax2005 Staff answered 7 years ago

The Unity Bank Airtime recharge code is *322*215*Airtime Amount#
With mobile phone number registered or linked to your Unity bank account, simply dial the code; *322*215*Airtime Amount# to recharge your phone.
Replace Airtime Amount with the amount you wish to recharge. For example; if you want to recharge N400 airtime on your phone, simply dial *322*215*400#. That’s all.
You can also recharge my own phone number. Help a brother!