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Code for transfering money from Fidelity bank to other bank

QuestionsCategory: BanksCode for transfering money from Fidelity bank to other bank
James Paul asked 7 years ago

What is the code for transfering money from fidelity bank to other banks. I want to transfer money to another from my Fidelity bank. I need Fidelity bank money transfer code for mobile banking. ASAP

1 Answers
Tolu Ola answered 7 years ago

Here is the code to transfer money from Fidelity bank to other bank. Simply, dial *770*NUBAN Account number*Amount#; NUBAN Account number is your 10 digit account number. Example; if you want to transfer N5000 to someone’s Access bank account, dial *770*2456567890*5000# from the mobile number registered/linked with your Fidelity Bank account.
Then select the beneficiary bank Name (Access bank) from displayed bank options.

  • Access bank
  • Firstbank
  • Diamond bank etc

Enter your transfer PIN to confirm transfer. The recipient account number will be shown to you before you enter your ATM card PIN. This lets you verify that you’re not sending money to a wrong account number.
If this is your first time of using the service, you will be requested to register for the mobile service. To register,  dial *770#, Enter your NUBAN Account number (Fidelity bank account number), Select a 4-digit PIN for your account.
If you have two accounts with Fidelity bank, let say current and saving account and you’re using the same phone number for both account, your current account will be debited first before your savings account.
Maximum fund transfer per day is N200,000
Transfer charge per transaction is 52Naira
To use Fidelity bank money transfer code;

  1. You must have a minimum balance of 10 Naira airtime on your phone
  2. You must register for the service by dialling *770#

For further information, you can visit fidelity bank mobile banking service website page
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