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Can I start a real estate blog Niche

QuestionsCategory: Blog & Make moneyCan I start a real estate blog Niche
Bluesoul asked 6 years ago

I love writing and blogging , am so passionate about the two. I have Msc and Bsc in Real Estate, i will like to know if am on the right track starting a real estate blog,a blog where i can write rich contents on both theoretical and practical aspect, do you think the niche will attract a large number of reader in a country like Nigeria? can i monetise the blog, is the niche profitable?

I do have a blog on entertainment, celebrities, music etc before but i got tired of the blog because basically 98% of blogger in Nigeria is in that niche even though i love entertainment news.

Please kindly advice me on the new niche of blog am about to start if is worth investing in it. Thank you as i await your response.

1 Answers
immax2005 Staff answered 6 years ago

If you think you are passionate about real estate blogging then I suggest you start it. Remember, it is not easy to succeed in blogging. Hard work and determination is required. Passion is what keeps you going when the journey becomes so tough.