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  • by is an online community.  It is a community of online users; dedicated professional and non-professional who are in dare need to find solutions to their problem. Members can ask a question and they will receive the best answer, in real-time from real people. Ask, and you will be answered. As a community, you can make friends, chat with your friends or send private messages to your friends.  Activities of the members are display real-time.

Why was Nigeriaplatform created?

The internet is filled with fraudsters and scams. Many online users are victim of these fraudsters and scammers in their quest to find solution(s) to their problem. Nigeriaplatform is a platform of dedicated and sincere people; people you can trust always. Any member who misbehaves is ban outrightly. No need asking Google search engine that can land you into the hands of online fraudster and Scams. Join Nigeriaplatform to ask real people. Be part of this large community to get your problem solved by real people.

What will I stand to gain by being a member of Nigeriaplatform?

You have a lot to gain and you have nothing to loss.

  1. You can earn money on Nigeriaplatform. If your answer to a question is voted as the best by the community members before the question is marked as closed or resolved. You will earn some money. The amount is not yet fixed.
  2. You can make friends too on Nigeriaplatform. Yes! Real friends.
  3. You can always have a community to resort to when you need answer to your problem. All the topics that you can think of are covered here by the members of the community.
  4. Most communities similar to Nigeriaplatfom, will demand registration fee or membership subscription; however, in Nigeriaplatform we don’t rather you get paid for being a professional who solves peoples’ problem.

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